Monday, January 9, 2012

How to tie a scarf, for men

Men in scarves are sexy...when done right.  What I have learned is most men do not know what to do with a scarf when handed to them.  How a man ties a scarf speaks words about his fashion sense.  I am a firm believer in this.  Guys can screw up an outfit REAL quickly if they wear a stupidly tied scarf...

Stupidly Tied Scarf Exhibit A:
I mean reeeeally?  This is more feminine than all of the scarves I wear.  Sick.

Stupidly Tied Scarf Exhibit B:
Oh A Rod, this is quite possibly the worst man scarf attempt I have ever seen.  No, no, no,no, NO!

How it's done is simple. You have to keep a masculine element to it.  These guys above look like pansies. Why?  Because they do not know what they are doing.  First off, you need the right scarf.  A Rod has the right ATTEMPT with the way it is tied, but the scarf is SO wrong.

Men need scarves with density.  Fabric choice and cut are vital. Go for wool or a wool blend.  In general, these fabrics are thick and rugged.  Men like these fabrics because they come off as "more practical" and less of an ornament hanging around there neck.  Another fabric I recommend is cashmere.  If your guy complains about "being itchy" in a wool blend scarf, go for cashmere.  He will sleep in the damn thing...I also recommend cotton blends.

Now, how to tie it.  Yes, 9.5 out of 10 times your guy will have no idea how to go about wearing a scarf.  My favorite for men is the European Loop.  It is classic and simple.  Here is a breakdown...
Begin by folding your scarf in half
Wrap the loop around your neck.

Pull  loose ends through the loop.

Here is an example of the outcome...

Simple, clean, and has a masculine tone to it.  Now there are other ways for men to tie a scarf, but they are more fussy.  Your guy will start complaining about it after 10 minutes and take it off.  Even some of the more fashion forward men...are still men.  They need practicality.  Unlike ladies, who torture ourselves in the name of fashion.  Men will disregard anything that is an annoyance...

Here are a few other ways for men to tie their scarves. I love them all except for one. Top right can only be worn by certain guys.  I have found the majority who try this look like,


McBrick Marketing said...

You know, I'm a male and I'm not a big fan of the scarves. I've seen other men wear it around town (Nashville) and I think they all look metro or feminine. You can't really think that a man looks stronger or more buff with a scarf do you?

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Christa Jean said...

No, that is not what I think. I think that if a man chooses to wear a scarf, it is best done in a masculine manner. I never said that wearing a scarf makes a man look more masculine than not wearing one.

Ruchi Rana said...

Nice design of scarf for men

Clip&Store said...

very good article. I wear scarves a lot and ask girls for opinions sometimes haha. What do you think about spring scarve? Also can you direct me to some more good ways to tie and how to do then ? I know the single and double loop, fake knot and another one or so but would like opinions on the best looking ways. Thanks!